St Helens Motor Auctions
St Helens Motor Auctions


St Helens Motor Auctions

The auction represents a very efficient means of converting your used vehicle into cash. At each of our weekly sales, cars and light commercial vehicles are offered to a large audience of potential buyers. If you are selling your car at auction for the first time, it is worth considering the following points;

Being Prepared: Bring your car to the auction hall as early aspossible on the day of the sale or, preferably, the day before.

Advice: Our experienced staff and professional auctioneers will be pleased to assist in providing a valuation and advise a suitable reserve price to ensure the best chance of a sale.

Include Documents: Bring all relevant documentation i.e. The Registration Document/V5 (with appropriate sections completed and signed). M.O.T. Certificate and any Service History.

Presentation: Make every effort to present your car in the best possible way. Ensure that it is cleaned and polished inside and out. Write clearly on the entry form giving all the vehicle details.

Remember - a misleading description may make the owner liable to prosecution under the various Trading Standards LAWS and you will be charged commission in the event of a cancelled sale.

Sold as Seen: These Vehicles must have no mechanical description on the windscreen sticker.

Reserve Price: is available on any vehicle.